Interview with Mary Stonor Saunders – Founder of Granola for Good 

By Charles Mombo

Photo: Mary Stonor Saunders/@granolaforgood

Meet Mary Stonor Saunders. Mary grew up on Manhattan’s upper west side (back in THE day!), but spent three months a year in a town with only 800 people.  Her mom was from an old American family and held a master’s degree, whereas her father, born in Palestine (his Armenian parents fled the genocide) and never completed his high school diploma. Mary went to her neighborhood public school and one of the wealthiest schools in America. All of this to say, Mary likes to think of herself as someone who is comfortable in a lot of different worlds and believe it informs everything about her.  Continue reading “Interview with Mary Stonor Saunders – Founder of Granola for Good “

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