Genesis Emery – a social entrepreneur and a community philanthropist

Meet Genesis Emery. Genesis is a social entrepreneur, a community philanthropist, the host and producer of the online show, “Mamas Making Money Mondays,” the founder of “The Little Dapper Collection,” and the founder of a children’s non-profit organization, “The Little Dapper Project.” She speaks at conferences and events across the nation to help women navigate through the challenges of entrepreneurship while using their testimonies to make an impact for others. She is a single mother and a special needs mom to her 5-year old son, Noah. And she’s a Chicago leader and pioneer who inspires the masses by always striving to make a difference for others in everything that she does. Genesis Emery is the epitome of a female entrepreneur that is changing the game and creating a different narrative for single moms who aspire to become successful, while still putting motherhood first.

Amour Genesis is Genesis Emery’s personal brand that empowers women to balance the busy lifestyle between motherhood and entrepreneurship. She speaks at women’s events on topics such as “How to successfully manage having your own start-up business and full-time job,” “How to be an effective entrepreneur while raising a special needs child,” “How Brokenness Can Lead to Bravery,” “The Top 10 Characteristics of Highly Successful Women,” and much more! She also recently created her own digital platform to inspire current and aspiring female entrepreneurs titled, “Mamas Making Money Mondays.” In addition to this, Genesis also offers female entrepreneurs marketing and brand strategy sessions to help them achieve their business goals and increase revenue. Amour Genesis is also the parent company of her children’s company, “The Little Dapper Collection” and The Little Dapper Collection’s non-profit organization for Chicago’s underprivileged youth called, “The Little Dapper Project.”

“The #CurbsideCommunityCarePackage initiative was created last week by Genesis Emery to help underserved residents throughout Chicago fight against Covid-19 by providing the essential items that they need during our current pandemic crisis. Genesis Emery along with various donors, foundations, and volunteers have raised funds to help contribute necessary items for Chicago’s underprivileged residents such as gloves, masks, soap, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, disinfectant spray, tissue packs, cough drops, bottled water, snacks, foods, toiletries, and other essential items for those in need. The reason why I started #CurbsideCommunityCarePackages is because I wanted to help make a difference and give back to those in need amidst Covid-19. It saddened me tremendously to constantly watch the media and unfortunately hear about the increasing number of deaths and illnesses throughout the world and I wanted to at least offer a solution for my city by providing the necessary items that people need to help get us through this. There are so many underserved residents in underprivileged communities throughout Chicago that don’t have access to items that they need such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, soap, etc. and I felt that it was my duty as an entrepreneur and philanthropist to help provide a solution for this and most importantly become a caring change agent for those in need. It’s so important that we give back and lend a helping hand to those in need whether we are experiencing Covid-19 or not. And if I can help create a passageway for that so that our community can stand strong and get this through this together, then that’s what I am going to continue to do! This is my city too and I cannot rest knowing that many of our residents don’t have access to the vital things that they need. So, I’m bringing these items to underserved Chicago residents “One Curbside Care Package At A Time!”

“Just to let everyone know, initially #CurbsideCommunityCarePackages started off as a community initiative to help make a difference and give back to those in need with the resources that I had, donated, and pulled together for care packages. However, because there has been an outpour of donations, volunteers, and funding, I have decided to keep this going and turn the community initiative into a community non-profit charity so that underserved Chicago residents can still continue to receive the essential items that they need access to!”

“I honestly love all of the Hyde Park businesses simply because they bring so much value to not only our city, but to the community at large. But if I was only able to name one, I would have to say, “The Silver Room!” I just love how time and time again they continue to bring thousands of people together to celebrate Chicago and the beauty of our community together through the Silver Room Block Party! It’s amazing what they do each year and I hope that we get to experience it again this year for 2020 despite Covid-19. I’ll be praying on this because I was really looking forward to attending the Silver Room Block Party! LOL!”

“The happiest moment of my life was honestly when I graduated from college which was back in May of 2011. I honestly busted my butt off during my college days at Loyola University Chicago but my experiences there helped shape me into the woman that I am today. During my junior and senior year of college I worked full-time, successfully maintained two internships, and took on 18-21 credit hours per semester, and even managed to give my time to the NAACP Loyola University Chapter and several other university groups. Don’t ask how I did it and held it all together, but I did and graduated with a 3.4 GPA at the end! I cried during the entire time at my graduation because it finally hit me that if I could accomplish that, then I could accomplish anything that I set out to do and worked hard for. The second happiest moment of my life was when I gave birth to my son Noah and became a Mom!”

“My son Noah is the most influential person in my life. As many of you may know, Noah has special needs. He has a rare genetic chromosome disorder known as, “Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome” but when I tell you how strong, inspiring, and gifted he is…you would seriously never know! He’s the love of my life and the strongest little boy and human being that I know. Despite his challenges, Noah is a child that doesn’t allow anything to stop him and despite whatever the adversity maybe he just keeps going- I guess just like his mom! I have been told by many that Noah has given them so much hope, joy, and inspiration that they can do it! And that influences me because I believe that if Noah can do it, I can do it too!”

“What I am proud of most is the calling that God gave me to be a vessel and make a difference for others. I am seriously honored by that and it makes me feel like I’m walking in my purpose and aligning myself with God’s will over my life. That’s what makes me proud because without him none of this would be possible for me.”

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