Carly Baroh’s journey and why she quit her day job.

By: Charles Mombo

Meet Carly Baroh. Carly describes herself as minimalist, learner, yoga instructor, vegan, and one who contributes positively to the earth and other people in any way that she can. Three years ago, at the age of 34 and while running a $24 million dollar business, she quit her job to backpack the world solo. Although Carly had intended to visit a list of thirty-two countries, she visited Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Something kept pulling her back to India where she found her calling involved the yoga and vegan community there. She stayed through the pandemic until her visa expired this past September and she was forced to return home to the US.

How did you disassociate from all of the things that you had here in the US?

I had to look at the big picture and see what was most important to me and more important than all of the things and titles and money and even my family, friends and beloved rescue dogs was my dream of seeing the world. So mentally, that pull was greater than this.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

My dad has been my number one influence. When I was questioning quitting my job and sell everything that I owned, he encouraged me to follow my dreams, as long as I was happy. All throughout my travels he would be the first to view my Instagram stories to see where I was and what I was doing. He would message me and say, “I think what you’re doing is so cool. I’m so proud of you and I’m so inspired.”

How did you end up in Hyde Park, Chicago?

Stuck in quarantine when I returned to the US, I found my biggest joy each day was teaching my zoom yoga classes and connecting with my students. I decided to search ¨yoga jobs¨ to see what I could find, and days later answered an ad for a job to be the General Manager of Yoga Six, a brand-new yoga studio opening up in Hyde Park. I liked the idea of building something from the ground up, and creating a community space that so many people have missed this last year. So, here I am in the middle of Hyde Park.

Tell me a little about Yoga Six Hyde Park?

Yoga Six Hyde Park is owned by two local women, Sharon and Crystal. I’m really aligned with their vision of bringing diversity and inclusivity to the yoga space and I’m very excited to build a community here.

What do you like about Hyde Park?

I love the diversity in the neighborhood. I love that you can walk everywhere. I love the beautiful sunrises that I see every morning on the lake from the Promontory Point. I love the old buildings. I love the sense of community.

What are your favorite Hyde Park vegan restaurants?

My favorite Hyde Park vegan restaurants so far are B‘Gabs Goodies, Bonne Sante Health Foods Store for finding all my health food favorites, Majani Restaurant, Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat and Native Foods.



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