Nikki Streets: a Hyde Parker and lifestyle blogger

Meet Nikki Streets. Nikki is a blogger with four of her best friends. Their lifestyle blog, Besties and Brunchis food for the soul to the millennial women striving to live their best lives. They share their stories so that others understand that they’re all in this together.

“I lived in Hyde Park for about 6 years after college with my then boyfriend who is now my husband. We had an apartment off Lake Park and we loved living in the neighborhood. As a native Chicagoan, I have always been familiar with Hyde Park and have been in awe of its hidden gems. I love the neighborly feel of Hyde Park. It is unique compared to any other place I’ve lived in Chicago. People are proud of the community, tons of resources here, and a sense of black pride ripples through it. It’s just refreshing.”

“I am most concerned about all the new businesses taking stake in Hyde Park. New businesses and fresh activities are always a great thing. However, the hotels and some of the larger businesses are pushing out the mom-and-pop businesses that were once celebrated. I do not want Hyde Park to lose its charm and uniqueness. I am also worried about the racial climate. Racism has never gone away but it is being inflamed by someone holding the highest office in this country. Racism is the most senseless systematic institution that needs to be dismantled.”

“Getting married and becoming a mom are the two happiest moments in my life. Building a life with my partner has been such a joy while also challenging me to grow in ways I had no idea was needed for the relationship.
Also, becoming a mom has spawned a love inside of me that I had no idea existed. These two moments have truly awakened parts of me that I am forever grateful.”

“Losing my mom was the saddest moment of my life. It was completely unexpected and devastating. She was the cornerstone of our family. It was a long and hard adjustment with not having her here. I know she would have loved my kids. It really saddens me that they never got a chance to meet her.”

“Influence is a weird thing, right? I am not the type of person who looks up to people and aspire to be them. I look at people and see the things they have accomplished, qualities they possess, their presence, confidence they exude etc., and it makes me want to do better.  I am influenced to become a better me through a collection of people and things. Honesty there isn’t one person who influences me the most.”

“What I regret the most is not telling my mother that I loved her more. She was an old school mom and wasn’t super affectionate. However, we were super close. I wish I would have told her that I loved her more.”

“I am most proud to be living a life filled with love, family, laughter, lessons, growth, friends and so much more. I just love life!”



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