Dasha Guyton: helping to curate experiences and a wardrobe you love

Meet Dasha Guyton. Dasha is a wife, sister, daughter, feminist, friend, entrepreneur, and by trade, a legal assistant specializing in intergovernmental child support law. Six years ago, she and her wife left everything and everyone they ever knew in Oklahoma and moved to Chicago. To keep some sense of normalcy in a new city, she started her days with coffee and breakfast at Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A but the baristas refused to take her order before getting answers to their questions about her hair, clothes, and makeup. Since she’s a “but first coffee” kind of girl, Windy City Wardrobe was created as a solution to this problem. After that, she was able to hand people a business card instead of having her coffee held hostage. What started as an outfit of the day blog, quickly grew into a styling business as well as a platform for body positivity and self-love.

“Windy City Wardrobe is a blog and styling company based in Hyde Park, Chicago designed to help you curate experiences and a wardrobe you love. There are tons of people you can go to for wardrobe styling, but they don’t have my background in self-love and body positivity. Most stylists work with brands and sample size models, so they lack empathy and experience dressing larger bodies. I’m known for helping people with special events and transitions in life that require a new wardrobe.”

“Feminist Speakeasy is an intersectional gift shop, pop-up shop, and hideaway for people in desperate need of a hideaway from the patriarchy. It was founded on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2018) as a way to channel outrage at sexism, Trump’s America, and Britain’s Brexit into something positive. Here we believe that real change can only happen when we all come together to dismantle racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, ableism, and classism. Whether you’re looking for feminist-friendly events, tips on surviving a sexist office culture, or a place to get the perfect gift for the fierce feminist is your life-Feminist Speakeasy is the spot for you. We accomplish this through our blog, pop up shops, social media, and feminist ladies’ nights out. We hope to reach around the world to grow an intersectional feminist community that fights daily for equality and shows people that feminism doesn’t teach you to hate men, but it does teach you to stop prioritizing them over women.”

“I like living here for so many reasons, but I love it because it’s the least segregated neighborhood in Chicago and the fact that Hyde Park has everything within its borders to sustain itself.”

“First Aid Comics. It’s a lot more than a place to buy comics; it’s a community center to play games and where people of all ages can make new friends.”

“My marriage. It’s the foundation upon which I’ve built myself and my businesses. Without the emotional and financial support of my wife, I wouldn’t be half the woman I’ve become.”



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