Akhu Ausar: yoga trainer and holistic lifestyle transformation consultant

Meet Akhu Ausar. Akhu is a yoga trainer and a holistic lifestyle transformation consultant. Akhu is also the father of “3 young kings”. They are, namely Mega, Titan, and Sinaan.According to Akhu, he is just a guy who has toggled through what seems to be many different lives along his journey to answering the ultimate question, ”who are you?”. The name “Akhu” means fire and “Ausar” is the entity that beats our hearts when we don’t consciously know how to start or stop it.

“I am the awareness of the entity known as “Change”. I’ve even sat and observed the changes that this physical body undergoes, while remaining aware, and in deep acceptance of the fact that, this too shall pass. Along this journey, I’ve been a son, a brother, friend, an uncle, a father, student, poet, author, featured music performer, educator (taught computer science for several years), U.S. Marine, Cisco Voice engineer, successful businessman, and in my latest life, I’m Yoga.”

“I gravitated to Hyde Park subtly over a period of about 20 years. I didn’t like this neighborhood at first. I felt it to be full of pretentiousness, so I worked here, but got the heck outta dodge as soon as my business was handled. In the last 6-8 years, I realized my newfound love and understanding for Hyde Park and people was so strong that I took up residence here. Since 2002, I have been working with businesses and individuals in this neighborhood. It was at that time my technology business secured its first client, “The Provident Foundation”. (RIP Jim Myles).”

“Hyde Park reflects how I feel within. A low key trillion-dollar gem, in a billion-dollar city with no need for all the outside attention to be great, just great…even when no one is looking. Full of nature, trees, the lake, parks, neighborhood, cafes, along with the flare of ultra-modern urban life. The most poignant connection between me and Hyde Park is a little-known fact about Hyde park & yoga. Did you know that when the wisdom of yoga came to the western world in the late 1800’s, the first stop was in Hyde Park? A brother named “Swami Vivekananda”, shared the message of yoga with the western world, reminding us of our innate connections with ourselves, our source, and each other. Just as I feel like I didn’t choose yoga, I feel like Yoga chose me. I didn’t choose to love Hyde park. Hyde Park loved me, and eventually, I came around.”

“I am most proud of the person I’ve consistently choose to be. Even in the face of extreme challenges, I genuinely show up as resilient, courageous, and kind. Some traits that many people in this world forget to access. The inspiration of continuing to be a beacon for grace, gratitude, humility, humor, and most of all love. To me that feeling about myself is priceless. It is an accomplishment of consistent self-work, that has resulted in this priceless feeling of contentment and self-love that I absolutely cherish.”

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