Erik Rico Nance: an entrepreneur, restaurateur and a non-traditional minister

Meet Erik “Rico” Nance. Rico is the founder and owner of LiteHouse Whole Food Grill, Mikkey’s Retro Grill and The Soul Shack. Rico is also a minister who chooses to minister to God’s people in more of a non-traditional way.

“My best advice for a young person who wants to start a business is to find a need, create a purpose, institute a guideline and get started.”

“I grew up in a place called Ragtown, a hood in the hundreds.  Though I loved it, my summers were spent in Hyde Park visiting my aunt and cousins.  The mansions, the diversity, the heartbeat of business, was literally another world for me.  God sent me back to Hyde Park to do a job, with purpose and for a purpose and my goal is to do just that.”

“The happiest moment of my life is seeing my children being born. Being able to see something that reflects myself, and that I could mold to reflect how amazing my God is.  I just hope I do a good job.”

“The saddest moment of my life is when my father passed.  I just feel like I failed him.  I brushed him off the day before, just felt terrible about it all. “ 

“The most influential person in my life Yahshua, aka Jesus.  He’s the center of my life.  I owe everything to Him.  I live to be like Him and to receive the spiritual rewards He has and will receive.”

“What I regret the most is anytime I ever settled to move away from my journey in Christ. That’s all this is.  All the businesses, and stuff is all a reflection of Him. Other than that, nothing.”

“What I’m most proud of is being in the Museum of Science and Industry in the Innovator Gallery section and seeing my pictures and hearing my stories. That was cool and really made me feel like I had accomplished something special”.



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