Johari Noelle: things you can’t say out loud

Meet Johari Noelle. Johari is a Southside, Chicago-bred singer renowned as much for the timbre of her voice as her biting honesty. She is an identical twin and the oldest of her 4 sisters. She cut her teeth performing in choirs and musical theatre during her formative years. She is a multi-disciplinary artist who rejects categorization and embraces topics like insecurity and resilience at a time when popular culture and social media have encouraged people to perform perfection. Buoyed by an angelic voice with a distinctively smoky bottom register, Johari distinguishes herself with a clarity of thought that cuts through lush arrangements to capture and ultimately translate hearts.

“Chasing destiny was a really great experience for me. When I was selected to be a part of it, I looked at it as an opportunity to grow as an artist. My musical career had already existed prior, but this gave me so much insight into what it takes to be a successful artist. Working with Kelly Rowland, Frank Gatson, Chris grant and Jaquel knight really showed me how much anything is possible. Working on Empire and Proven Innocent were opportunities separate from my career as a singer. I am an actress and auditioned through my agency for those roles. My career is progressing from good old fashion handwork and constant collaboration.”

Things You Can’t Say Out Loud is Derived from candid conversations with myself about the things in life that are not so easily digestible. My writing champions sisterhood and chronicles my life as a young black woman climbing the ladder in the music industry. This is a nuanced and challenging sound reflective of the careful thought, generosity of spirit and abiding compassion that is applied to my personal relationships. Literally singing all the things people often cannot bear to say aloud, giving voice to the fraught moments and adverse circumstances affecting mankind. More importantly, by setting my own internal dialogue to music I’ve realized my own freedom and I feel empowered to set others free. This EP will be available on all streaming platforms on May 31st.”

“What I enjoy most about Hyde Park is the diversity. There is diversity in age, gender, race etc. I feel that is important and creates healthy awareness to all people. It creates understanding and openness. Just being able to walk around and meet new people is beautiful and being footsteps from the lake is amazing too. The energy Is serene, and it has its own vibe which I appreciate as well.”

“I think if I could pick one thing to be proud of, it is that my music is finally out. It was a long time coming, it took me 2 years to really lock in and focus my thoughts and emotions to create something meaningful that I can enjoy and still heal from. I am proud that my family is connected to it, listeners are connected to it and its all from my heart. So, I am very proud of that.”



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