Linda Henley: a servant of God, a people person and a Chicago Hyde Parker

Meet Linda Henley. Linda is a servant of God! She loves serving people and organizations. She is a people person and try to uplift their spirits whenever they are down. Linda loves Hyde Park, and this is where she lives, works, eats, shops and exercises.

“I have an interesting sense of humor and use it most times to make people laugh. I am silly and laugh at myself sometimes. I am a learner, I value knowledge. I can be happy when I am alone or with people. I am assertive, intelligent and some might say outspoken. I am a leader. I love Jesus and I have a relationship with Him.”

“I ended up in Hyde Park in 2001, after my divorce. I always loved Hyde Park and used to visit often when I lived on the north side and further south of Chicago.”

“I grew up on the north side in a racially diverse community. As a result, my immediate attraction to Hyde Park was because of its diversity. I had no idea that I would end up working in this community. I love Hyde Park, it’s where I live, work, eat, exercise, shop etc.”

“I also like Hyde Park because I have built a rapport with the employees in the various establishments. For the most part, the people here are pleasant. I also like Hyde Park because the community is relatively safe. One can walk most anywhere, and when you do, you find little hidden gems that you might not have noticed while driving. Hyde Park has lots of eating options. I stopped eating meat over a year ago and had no problem finding healthy options to supplement my new diet.”


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