Naomy Grand’Pierre: Haiti’s first female Olympic Swimmer

Meet Naomy Grand’Pierre, she Haiti’s first female Olympic Swimmer and a student at the University of Chicago. She competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 50m freestyle. Outside of swimming and school, she loves photography and urban exploring on a warm sunny day.Her favorite part about Hyde Park is the Point which is a short walk from her apartment during the summer months.

“I am a student at the University of Chicago. I study Psychology. I have been living in Hyde Park for 4 years now.” 

“I am always the happiest when I am surrounded by my family and friends who accept me for who and how I am. I feel free, at ease, and completely content. Chicago weather has also taught me to be happy whenever I see the sun. I find enjoyment from the little things in life.”

“My parents are my biggest influence. Their lives are incredible, and they continue to amaze me in every aspect. They are both from Haiti, went to school in Montreal and created a life for themselves here in the States and they continue to defy what is deemed possible. I strive to be like them in life.”

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