Interview with Kerese and Kristle: The Millen Twins

Kerese and Kristle The Millen Twins
Kerese and Kristle The Millen Twins

By Charles Mombo

Meet the Millen Twins. Kerese and Kristle Millen are Chicago natives and the founders of xXposure, a visual magazine.  The two-time authors of the books, “There’s Power In Your I Am,” and “Thoughts Become Things,” are educators who believe in instilling positivity into students’ lives.  

The Millen Twins believe in giving the gift of help by providing resources for those in need. They donate their time, money, experience, skills, and talent to help create a better world. They truly believe in their slogan that “Thoughts Become Things,” and they spread their message through every platform they hit.

What is the xXposure and why was it started?

xXposure is a visual magazine that provides a platform for individuals who decided to move in their purpose. We decided to start this visual magazine because there was a void in the independent world of having a voice, and many stories were going untold and unnoticed due to the lack of recognition and popularity of the subject.

Where do you see xXposure in the next five years?

We see xXposure on a nationwide level spreading motivation around world.

What is it like working with your twin sister?

Kerese: It’s like working with your best friend. We’re like minded and share the same views and have the same work ethics.

Kristle: I have a built-in life partner. It’s easy to execute ideas to each other because we trust each other. We have fun together. It’s nothing like working with someone who has the same morals and sometimes different views on things but can always respect each other. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. We have a blast.

Who are the most influential persons in your lives?

Kerese: The most influential people in my life are my parents, my twin sister Kristle and my son.

Kristle: The most influential people in my life are my parents, my twin sister, and my husband.

What motivates you?

Kerese: Life itself because even though we have our ups and downs it motivates me to keep going and strive to be better every day.

Kristle: What motivates us is when God gives us a vision and we see the result of it, that’s what urges us to push even harder.

What do you like about Hyde Park?

Kerese: The amenities that they offer. The support for black own businesses. The shopping and variety of food that is available.

Kristle: I like Hyde Park’s diversity and the community gatherings that uplifts each other. We’ve attended several events such as the Silver Room, events at The Promontory, and also independent movies at the Harper theater. Hyde Park gives off a positive energy.

xXposure: @double_xxposure
Kristle Millen: @millentwin1
Kerese Millen: @millentwin2


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