Michael Hall – Internationally Recognized Violist Soloist and Teacher

Michael Hall, Violist Soloist/ Photo Credit: Michael Hall

By Charles Mombo

Meet Michael Hall. Michael is a passionate musician who typically travels over 200,000 miles a year around the world to perform and teach. As an incredibly lucky person, he has performed for three former presidents, the King of Thailand, had over 90 composers write music for him, traveled and performed as a soloist around the world many times over. Continue reading “Michael Hall – Internationally Recognized Violist Soloist and Teacher”

Master Barber Robert Leaks owner M.L.S Grooming

Robert Leaks M.L.S. Grooming

Meet Robert Leaks. Robert is a Chicago native, a husband, the father of three sons, a barber stylist, an educator and an entrepreneur who is passionate about his work. His barbershop wall is lined with BARBICIDE® course certificates proving his dedication to the controlled of linfection in his barbershop. Robert also believes that education and mentoring are essential for the growth and development of our future generation. Continue reading “Master Barber Robert Leaks owner M.L.S Grooming”

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