Shekinah Joi Hudson – Owner LoveYouBye™

By Charles Mombo

Meet Shekinah Joi Hudson. Joi is the founder of LoveYouBye™, yoga for the culture. The brand was started because of her love for yoga. According to Joi, she initially opened the space exclusively for women of color who didn’t feel comfortable in traditional yoga studios. LoveYouBye offers 420 friendly yoga and meditation healing events in person and online.  LoveYouBye also carries yoga mats and crop tops with its sleek style which works both in and out of the yoga class. To register for the classes or to purchase LoveYouBye crop tops and yoga mats, please visit their website listed below.  

Shekinah Joi Hudson – Owner LoveYouBye™What are some of the challenges faced by your business in the age of COVID-19?
Hosting in person classes have taken a HUGE hit. The closures forced us to merge classes online which became a struggle for our followers who enjoy vibing at the lake or holding space in person. 

What motivates you?
Seeing the progression of my loves as I call them is the biggest motivation. Watching students go through a healing experience in real time is the most fulfilling part of what I do. I’m able to observe the impact I’m having on people in real time. 

Who’s the most influential person in your life?
The most influential person in my life would be my ancestors whom I seek daily for clarity and direction. My spiritual team has the biggest impact on the direction of the brand. Also my children who remind me to layout a straight foundation since the brand essentially belongs to them. 

What do you like about Hyde Park?
I love every part of Hyde Park. From the busy people; the small businesses offering so much diversity and exclusivity; to the amazing restaurants giving the neighborhood smells; and to the street performers adding an essence to the community. Hyde Park will forever be a vibe. 



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