Grace Chan McKibben: nonprofit fundraising consultant, clarify strategies & operations optimizer

Meet Grace Chan McKibben. Grace is a consultant who work with nonprofit organizations to help them clarify strategies, optimize operations, and raise funds. She has a very broad background that includes higher education, government, corporate, advocacy, social service, arts management, language and ethnographic research, writing, editing, language translation, and consulting.

“I have lived in Hyde Park since 1986, when I started as an undergraduate at The University of Chicago. After finishing my undergraduate and graduate education at UChicago, I became a student affairs administrator. My husband and I met as undergrads and got married during our grad student years, and we stayed in Hyde Park all these years, raising our four children who are now teenagers and young adults, even though I left employment at the University more than 15 years ago.”

“I love the intellectual rigor and community spirt that attract folks to Hyde Park and continue to keep them engaged and rooted here..”

“The happiest moment of my life is the birth of my first child. Being a parent is such a tremendous responsibility. To help a child become the person they are meant to be, the person God has intended them to be, is both a scary and wondrous journey.”

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