Gareth Ramsey: a third year music major at the University of Chicago

Meet Gareth Ramsey. Gareth is a third year student at the University of Chicago majoring in music and minoring in astrophysics.

“My favorite thing about Hyde Park is the people! Hyde Park attracts the most interesting people from all different backgrounds and I’m always blown away by how passionate and accomplished the people of Hyde Park are.”

“Something that I’d recommend in Hyde Park is the concert series University of Chicago Presents! Aside from the incredible classical and jazz musicians that the series attracts, it’s also an incredible way for people to connect over music. I’ve had great conversations with other undergrads, grad students, professors, and people with no affiliation with the University through the series.”

“My proudest accomplishment is going on tour last summer with a drum and bugle corps. We drove a total of 11,000 miles performing in 15 states. I grew a lot as both a performer and as a person throughout that tour, and met some lifelong friends.”



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