Ashley Janelle: a UX designer and advocate for diversity in technology

Meet Ashley Jackson. Ashley is a User Experience Designer (UX), content creator, and business owner. As a UX Designer, she works to understand why and how people are using products to design more effective and usable products for them.As a content creator, she works with various tech companies to review their products and promote them if she feels there is value there. Lastly, she has a consulting business that will open in a few weeks where she will be offering her expertise to companies to improve the visual identity of their brands.

“What I love most about Hyde Park is the feeling I get when I go there. It’s very close to downtown Chicago but has a community feeling. I love all the Black owned businesses and restaurants that I can find there as well. There’s also a lot of history in Hyde Park and you can see and feel that as you walk through the different areas.” 

“I can’t pinpoint one person, but I can say that women have been very influential to me. Most of the tech giants who I often look to, to study the moves they make, new businesses they’re starting, and just want to learn more about are women. In a male dominated industry like the tech industry, you must find people who can understand where you’re coming from and share your struggles.” 

“I’m most proud of how I’ve navigated though the tech and design industry to end up right where I’m supposed to be. I’m also proud of the businesses and other entrepreneurial ventures I’m able to maintain at the same time.”

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